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Geography Resources For Teachers, Students, and Kids

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With so much information on the worldwide web that pertains to learning, and in particular geographic learning, a person can easily become overwhelmed. Knowing what information is truly accurate and reliable is of the utmost importance when a person is seeking information regarding geography. Below is a list of the top ten geographic resources on the web along with a description and website address for each. With these most trusted websites, a person can feel confident that they are receiving the most accurate and up to-date information available online.

1. TeacherVision

The geography portion of this all-encompassing K-12 educational resource site includes links to free geography guides for grades 3 through 7, printable maps geared towards different grade levels, printable activities and quizzes. Also available are free maps that illustrate locations and information of important historical events such as World War II and Christopher Columbus’ journey to the Americas. The website provides links to popular geography lesson plans as well.

Geography challenge questions are available every week (archived challenge question weeks are available also) and encourage students to practice their research skills while learning the week’s challenge question topics.

Website: Click Here

2. National Geographic – Education

National Geographic provides a variety of resources on their website for educating students of all ages. Their list of education sites includes their Education Foundation, the National Geographic Bee, National Geographic Children’s Books, National Geographic Kids, School Publishing Group Store, and Geography Action!

Geography Action! Provides ways of studying the earth while learning ways to conserve natural resources.

Website: Click Here

3. National Geographic EdNet

For almost 25 years, the National Geographic EdNet has worked to create a network of teachers and geographers that promote the education of geography at national, state and local levels. The site’s “About Us” link lists websites and contact information for geographers and educators at university and state levels as well as each state’s geographic alliance website and contact information.

They have a substantial resource library under the “Resource Link”, which relates to education, newsletters and other information.

4.The Geography Site

The Geography site is based in the UK, but the beauty of geography, is that it’s a universally consistent subject to teach. They have developed their own search engine that produces geographic and earth sciences related topics. Their “Teachers” link contains a number of resources and links to information that can be used in National Curriculum lesson plans. They have lists and articles of embassy addresses, academic organizations, world organizations, relevant newspapers and magazines, classroom resources, quizzes and crosswords and even mood music for lessons.

In their image gallery, they provide hundreds of free photographs that are geographically related for use in research and projects.

Other links on the main page include Online Lessons, Geography Links and Countries. The “Countries” link contains links to country definitions, articles about the number of countries in the world, climates of various countries and a link to the complete World Factbook – all for free.

Website: Click Here

5.The National Council for Geographic Education

The NCGE is a non-profit organization that is in its 95th year. Their website includes links to geographic publications, newsletters, resources, lessons, activities and information on available professional development opportunities.

Website: Click Here

6.Nation Master

Nation Master is a company that provides free geography and social science lesson plans for students categorized by grade level. Main page links include an Encyclopedia, Statistics, Countries A-Z, Flags, Maps and Education.

The About Us section of the website sums up their goal, in saying “I decided to put together a website that allowed users to generate graphs based on numerical data extracted from the [World] Factbook.

Website: Click Here

7. Nystrom

Nystrom is a company that publishes educational materials for student classrooms from kindergarten through college. One area of their online resources is dedicated to Primary-level, Intermediate-Level and High School-Level Geography lessons.

Website: Click Here

8. Association of American Geographers (AAG)

The AAG is the largest professional group of geography educated individuals in the country. The group is proactive in research, publishing and educating geographic topics for professionals and those wishing to learn.

Their website contains internal links to teacher’s guides, projects and workshops. They hold one meeting annually to discuss the newest research and findings of geographers worldwide. A list of their current programs, each with links, accounts for the majority of their website content. These projects include GeoSTART: Teaching Earth Science, Geography Faculty Development Alliance, Healthy Departments Initiative and Workshops, the Geospatial Workforce Project and more.

Website: Click Here

9. Geography in the News

Geography in the News is a unique website that focuses on geography and geographical issues and describes its offering as “direct support for students through topical case studies, links to academic research and lectures, and much more.”

Their main homepage links include the top geography related news story titles from the previous month. The entire stories are available to members of the site. Another link for members includes interactive resources and teaching tutorials for geography lessons. The New Lectures Online link includes lectures from the previous year that provides a different view on geography and can be viewed and learned in a non-classroom setting.

Another interesting section of Geography in the News is the link titled “21st Century Challenges”. The challenges are in list form and include: Future of low carbon energy, razing the rainforest, London under water, concreting the countryside, and other current issues relating to geography and its application today.

Website: Click Here

10. United Nations Cyberschoolbus

The UN Cyber School Bus website acts as a starting point for teachers and parent educators to guide students into a higher interest in geography.

Info-nation is an extremely useful and fun area of the website to explore. It’s a program, run entirely from the website that allows comparison of country data based on countries, socio-economic groupings, government groupings and geographical groupings. The information can be narrowed further to compare topics such as economies in transition, high human development, a variety of income groups, landlocked countries and more. Up to six individually selected countries can be compared at once with the Info-nation. As each selection is made, another option is presented to narrow the data further. The possibilities for comparison are endless.

This tool is an excellent resource for students performing research as well as teachers and parents.

Website: Click Here

Bonus Resource: Geography: Facts, Information, and the Links Between Geography and Human Development

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